A Summer Festival that was actually fun for a 33 year old – FYF

It’s been about 7-years or so since I’ve been to a summer festival. I’ll admit it. I can’t stand big crowds, too much sun with no shade, overcrowded beer “gardens,” overpriced tickets, puke on porter potty seats w/ spashes of shat on the walls, 25-minute sets to the band you actually went to see, etc. In other words, I’m no longer 21.

Fast forward to 2011. F#ck Yeah Festival held at the Historic LA Park located at the basin of Dodger Stadium. I have to say it was the exact opposite of what I was expecting. We took the Metro in, which meant free parking. The weather was perfecto! It took about 5-mins to get into the gates. The crowds were, although hipster with waves of girls dressed like Blossom, well behaved. Meaning no knuckleheads trying to start sh!t and ruin everyone’s fun. The beer gardens actually served good beer…sorry bud light! Four main stages were set up and sandwiched in between them was a tent for a constant flow of comedians. That tent was packed, so we skipped it. I also have to mention I never had to wait in any sort of line to use the can. Call this a miracle for a festival with over 20k in attendance. I also gotta mention, since this wasn’t the Warped Tour deodorant seemed to be used by everyone and no one was walking around smelling like pig pen.

Japandroids – Probably destroyed most other bands courtesy of some thrashy noise rock. Think Sonic Youth w/ only 2 band members.
Art Czars – 

OFF! – Was borderline perfect minus the typical Keith Morris political/nonsensical rants. Dude was in the Circle Jerks, Black Flag so deal w/ it I guess.
Upside Down

Broken Social Scene – Ugh. Boresville. But I do love their 2nd album.
Shampoo Suicide

Guided By Voices – Stoked to finally see these aged alt rockers. Sloppy, but great. Classic indie rock with a catalog that’s too hard to count.
Hot Freaks

Four Tet – I was really excited to see him. His set was a bit mellow. Obviously heavy on the electronic. The set was hypnotic and lush. However, no one seemed to care much.
My Angel Rocks Back and Forth

The Descendents – I’ve seen them before. An although I love Milo Goes to College, a few beers and maybe too much sun sealed the deal for an early exit. We left after their 1st song.
Suburban Home

Explosions in the Sky – Missing them was the biggest disappointment of the night due to us being lame, old and beat. I pretty much wanted to see Explosions in the Sky above all other bands that day. Getting older sucks. Enjoy this song in all it’s reflective and passionate goodness.
Your Hand In Mine

Nicely Done, FYF.

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