Scream & Shout with THE LETTERS ORGANIZE

photo by: mike white

THE LETTERS ORGANIZE were in a way a tiny second coming of Refused. In a time of terrible screamo and bad make up on grown ass men The Letters Organize stood out in many ways. Sonically, they were a beast with quick and to the point songs that delivered a pretty intense live set of straight up spazzy and energetic rock n’ roll. Think Dillinger Escape Plan, but listenable. Their sound was definitely not anything new, but they did it so well in a frantic, schizophrenic sort of way that just worked for them. When their debut LP, Dead Rhythm Machine dropped it drew much critical acclaim by music writers, but it did not stick to a mass audience that at the time was more interested in My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, etc. Although they toured relentlessly their fate was sealed in 2007 as they packed it up with a tiny catalog consisting of an EP/7-inch (Everybody, Goes Yeah! Bash…) and one full length album. Since then I believe there’s been rumors of a return followed by a string of shows.

:: T H E  L E T T E R S  O R G A N I Z E
sound like :: Refused, Vaux, Since by Man
site ::

song :: “These Words” from the album Dead Rhythm Machine (2005)
purchase :: iTunes :: Interpunk

song :: “Crooked Spine” from the EP Everybody, Goes Yea! Bash…

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