The Post-Metal greats, PELICAN

photo by: Pete Ashton

PELICAN, live at the world-famous Troubadour in West LA this Fri, and I cannot express how much I’m looking forward to this show. I’ve never been able to catch the kings of the riff live so this should be pretty solid. That lines sounds pretty damn cheesy, but it is 100% valid. I’ve also heard nothing but exceptional compliments from this metal band sans vocals from the Chicago natives. Every Pelican album I own just blows my mind. Not to mention, they’ve progressed so much since the layered Australasia (2003 – Hydra Head) full length debut to the most recent masterpiece, What We All Come To Need (2007 – Southern Lord). It’s actually pretty incredible what this band can do…heavy, very layered and full of depth, and all melodic at the same time without the use of vocals. Call them what you will or put them in any type of category, Pelican is an exceptional group. Don’t believe me? Check out the riffs below and enjoy!

Artist // PELICAN
Sound Like // Red Sparowes, Isis, Russian Circles
Site //
On Tour // October 30, 2010 at the Troubadour – W. Hollywood, CA

Song // “Far from Fields” from the album City of Echoes (2007)
Purchase // iTunes // HydraHead

Song // “Glimmer” from the album What We All Come to Need (2009)
Purchase //iTunes // Southern Lord

Song // “What We All Come to Need” from the album What We All Come to Need (2009)
Purchase //iTunes // Southern Lord

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