BORN AGAINST are one of those bands I was introduced to by a friend towards the end of high school. At the time I was knee deep in “hardcore” that was tinging on metal with heavy doses of all that bland straight edge stuff. Think Strife, Snapcase, Unbroken, etc. So when I first glanced at a borrowed LP with a pic of a casket with an American flag draped over it and above that an amazing looking band logo I loved this band already without even listening to the album. Born Against were unique as they didn’t necessarily do the typical thrash/hardcore material. They had a dingy, dirty style about them at times where heavy in an Amphetamine Reptile band type of way. The lyrics at times were politically charged, but at the same they definitely seemed to have a sense of humor.  In other words, I always thought they were more punk than anything else. Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children seems more like an EP as it rips thru from start to finish pretty quickly, while their collection LP The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure is in my opinion a punk rock classic. A few years back Kill Rock Stars reissued the mentioned LPs, which are worth checking out. Lead singer, Sam McPheeters is a regular writer at the OC Weekly and runs a pretty entertaining blog that rants on just about everything.

Artist // Born Against
Sound Like // Rorschach, Void, Econochrist

Song //”Mary and Child” from the LP Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children
Purchase //  iTunes // Kill Rock Stars

// “Janelle” from the LP Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure
Purchase //  iTunes // interpunk

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