QOTSA Rated R Reissue!

Honestly, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE are one of those bands I sort of stopped paying attention to after they released Songs for the Deaf. It’s not that their music quality diminished, but I grew tired of hearing about them. Top tier radio played the crap out of them, they started to play all the cheesy “key market” music festivals, their fan base started to reach to those that played Disturbed on regular rotation, etc. In other words, they became a rock n’roll success story. However, I must say that their stunning and pretty much perfect  album Rated R (2000) is one of the best rock albums I own. It’s part stoner rock, with a heavy dirty garage-punk vibe that is just catchy as hell from start to finish. That said, I’m pretty excited to hear it’s getting the reissue treatment and I can only hope they release a vinyl version as well! It’s a trip that this album is already 10 years old.

// Queens of the Stone Age
Album // Rated R (2000)
Sounds Like // Kyuss,  Them Crooked Vultures, Mondo Generator

Song // “In The Fade”

Site // http://www.qotsa.com/
Purchase //http://www.qotsa.com/news/default.aspx?nid=27027 // iTunes
Reissue // August 3, 2010

Disc 1:

1. “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”
2. “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret”
3. “Leg of Lamb”
4. “Auto Pilot”
5. “Better Living Through Chemistry”
6. “Monsters in the Parasol”|
7. “Quick and to the Pointless”
8. “In the Fade”
9. “Tension Head”
10. “Lightning Song”
11. “I Think I Lost My Headache”

Disc 2:
1. “Ode to Clarissa”
2. “You’re So Vague”
3. “Monsters in the Parasol” (live)
4. “Born to Hula” (new version)
5. “Never Say Never” (Romeo Void cover)
6. “Who’ll Be the Next in Line” (Kinks cover)
7-16. Live tracks from 2000 Reading Festival

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