WAVVES bring some quality lo-fi

Wavves. Although I definitely don’t like they way they spelt their name, they are quickly growing on me with their pop, quirky tunes that for some reason remind me of Ween and The Dead Milkmen. I am not sure why they haven’t been compared to those two bands in particular yet. Another surpise is that they’re from San Diego and not NYC. Weird. The song “Post Acid” is by far a highlight with it’s soothing and energetic chorus similar to the Queers, which is not a knock. I have also officially listened to the track mentioned 4 times in a row…it’s that good. Their upcoming album, King of the Beach will be released via Fat Possum early next month and from what I’ve heard so far “it’s rather good” as the Brits say.

Artist // Wavves
Sound Like // Japanther, Crystal Stilts, Health
Site // http://ghostramp.blogspot.com/

Song //”Post Acid” from the upcoming album King of the Beach (2010)
Purchase //Fat Possum

Song //”Mickey Mouse” from the upcoming album King of the Beach (2010)

Song // “So Bored” from the album Self Titled album (2009)
Purchase // Fat Possum

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