photo by: brendan docherty

Rousing, straight up, gritty rock and roll that’s catchy and electric. That is what comes to mind upon first listen to Pulled Apart By Horses self titled debut album. I just discovered these gents, but it looks like the UK is all over their nuts at the moment so stay tuned as I’m sure your local “indie” or “alternative” radio station will be spinning their single shortly. At first listen they remind me a bit of a post hard-core slightly tamer version of the Bronx with guitar parts reminescent of At The Drive-In. Lets just say it is a solid debut that will most likely blow up for this UK band.Gritty and ballsy that is a bit “hip,” but at least it doesn’t sound like MGMT or Sleigh Bells and the members of Pulled Apart By Horses are actually playing instruments!

Artist // Pulled Apart by Horses
Album // Self  Titled (2010)
Sound Like //
Site // http://pulledapartbyhorses.com/
Purchase //Transgressive Records

Song // “E=MC Hammer”

Song // “I Punched a Lion in the Throat” live

Song // “Get Off My Ghost Train” live

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One Response to PULLED APART BY HORSES will blow up

  1. Josh says:

    Awesome video and song.

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