90’s metal via HELMET

photo by: nando harmsen

HELMET are one of those bands that remind me of high school as I listened to them over and over sophomore year via a crappy cassette copy. Aftertaste (1997) was great, and I really wish Page would have broke the band up instead of continuing with the pieced together group who continue to call themselves Helmet. That said, the tunes selected below highlight their progression from Strap It On (1991) to around the time they decided to put their “best of” album out entitled, Unsung: Best of Helmet 91-97 (2004). Often placed in the alt-metal genre, I always thought Helmet were closer to the whole post-hardcore, early 90’s metal scene (i.e Unsane, Surgery,Crowbar). Edgy, meaty and sludgy with no sense of style or bad hair via the Seattle movement during the time. But whatever genre they were pigeonholed into, Helmet brought on an onslaught of start-stop HEAVY music. They were unique. Often mixing jazz influenced groovy type chords with dual vocals as heard in the track “Vaccination” below. I only wonder if they were at their peek today would they appeal to the Ozzfest or Warped Tour crowds, or even both?

Artist // HELMET
Sounds Like // Quicksand, Prong, Therapy?
Site //http://www.helmetmusic.com/home/

Song // “FBLA”
Album // from the album Strap It On (1991)
Buy // Site // iTunes

Song // “Vaccination”
Album // from the album Betty (1994)
Buy // site // iTunes

Song // “Crisis King”
Album // from the album Aftertaste (1997)
Buy // site // iTunes

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