THOMAS NEWMAN has my dream job

I think most music is dismissed while watching a movie as it’s basically set as background music or noise. Not many people realize how key a musical score is to a particular scene. It sets the mood, or it can express a movie characters emotions at the time. For example, Thomas Newman soundtrack to the 1999 film American Beauty sets the tone scene by scene. It is not the typical grand John Williams walls of sounds, but more ambient,rhythmic and at times eclectic with instruments often not heard in movie soundtracks. The track picked from the Road to Perdition soundtrack is a bit different. It is not as minimalist as the American Beauty example, as it’s robust overall and backed with a full orchestral ensemble. If you want to try something new check out Newman’s vast catalog here and the songs below.

Artist // Thomas Newman
Site //
Sounds Like // Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman

Song // “Road to Perdition” from the OST score Road to Perdition (2002)
Purchase // iTunes

Song // “Arose” from the OST score American Beauty (2000)
Purchase // Amazon

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