They don’t make hardcore bands like BOTCH anymore…

photo by: Jason McQuilliams

If you are a hard core fan you are fully aware of BOTCH, have all their albums are are completely familiar with how influential they were from about 99-2002. Their catalog is a bit small, they toured a ton, then released what would be their final piece of material (An Anthology of Dead Ends EP). When I was handed a CD-R copy of their album American Nervoso by a colleague at the time I was blown away by track 3. Lets get this straight…the vocals were whatever and typical noisecore in my honest opinion. What stood out for me was the sonic blasts of technical genius on We Are the Romans via Guitarist Dave Knudsen (now of Minus the Bear fame), Tim Latona on drums and bassist Brian Cook (Russian Circles, These Arms are Snakes). Botch’s music was beyond heavy. They blended complex and mathematical tunes in the hardcore genre that is often stale, redundant and full of limitations.The band also killed it live and I was fortunate enough to see them open for the Dillinger Escape Plan in Pomona many years ago. I have definitely paid little to no attention to the hardcore scene these days, but I am assuming that no current band is as good as Botch was…or even close for that matter.

Artist // BOTCH
Sound Like // Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Daughters
Site //

Song // “Japam” from the An Anthology of Dead Ends EP (2002)
Purchase // iTunes // Hydra Head

Song // “C. Thomas Howell as Soul Man” from We Are The Romans (1999)
Purchase // iTunes // Hydra Head

Song // Hutton’s Great Heat Engine (live) from  061502 (2006)
Purchase // iTunes // Hydra Head

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