Best EP of 2010 by The Austerity Program?

photo by: Christopher Lange

Hydra Head releases exceptional albums year after year. That’s an obvious statement to some. From Botch, to Isis, Cave In, etc the label is rather consistent when it comes to heavy and or aggressive music that’s not only creative by not generic. Hydra Head’s latest by THE AUSTERITY PROGRAM backs up that consistency with this menacing EP, which honestly I wish had at least 2 more songs. It’s simple…2 band members, one drum machine and some rather volatile tunes that really took me by surprise. For example, listen to the track below. The final minute is just brutal with moments of Steve Albnini / BIG BLACK chaos.

Artist // The Austerity Program
Album // Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn EP (2010)
Sounds Like // Harkonen, Shellac, Oxbow, Big Black
Site //
Purchase // iTunes // Hydra Head

Song // Song 27

Song // Song 18 from the album BLACK MADONNA (2007)

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