Fantômas // Rosemary’s Baby

I’m not exactly one of those fans that thinks EVERYTHING that Mike Patton does is genius. It’s obviously not. However, with his background, influence and broad music spectrum he turned out something pretty unique with the Fantomas catalog. This one in particular is a highlight. As usual there’s not much “singing” on this song or throughout the album…but with a back up band of members from the MELVINS, THE JESUS LIZARD and SLAYER shit will hit the fan and your speakers will get turn out some unique sounds. Oh, I also forgot to mention that DIRECTOR’S CUT is track by track a remake of stand out movie tracks, but I thought that would be kind of obvious from the track selected below. Am I wrong?

Album // Fantômas // Director’s Cut (2001)
Sounds Like // Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom
Band Members // Mike Patton / Buzz Osborne / Trevor Dunn / Dave Lombardo
Site //
Purchase // Amazon

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